Friday, December 30, 2011

Q&A Friday 12/30/11

Today's question came to us through email: "On the 5-CD Set you guys talk about not gossiping about marriage problems to a lot of people. I, unfortunately, have discussed my marriage issues with a lot of friends over the past year and now I constantly have people asking me questions and wanting to find out new details. How do I correct this?"

This is a topic we thought a lot of people might be struggling with. It is SO important to keep your conversations about your marriage problems between yourself and your spouse because that keeps your communication open. When you start involving other people it's really easy for your friends to take your side making it difficult for you to see changes you might need to make.

If you need some outside advice, choose ONE very loyal, very mature friend that will give it to you straight.

As for your other friends, put your foot down. Just say, "I'm really working on fixing the problems in my marriage and that means only discussing them with my spouse. It doesn't help to gossip about them, so please respect my choice." If your friend only wants to talk about the negative, maybe they weren't really a true friend to begin with.

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