Friday, December 9, 2011

Q&A Friday 12-9-11

Happy Friday everyone! We don't have a video today, but the question we'll be looking at has to do with the subject of our last post.

"Is Janeen planning on doing any book signings in other states? I've been working on the free challenge on the website and am planning on buying the book. I'd like to do it at a book signing if I can! Thanks!"

Great question! We're happy to see that Save Your Marriage in 30 is spreading and helping people!

So far book signings are only scheduled in Utah, but you never know! We certainly hope to start getting to other places and connecting with more people. We had our very first book signing last night at Janeen's home which was a blast! A big thank you to everyone who attended. Here is a picture before the festivities started:

Our next book signing will be at the University Mall in Orem, UT on December 17th. We are also working on the final details for a one-hour workshop + book signing at Utah Valley University sometime in January. We hope as many people can get there as possible!

As for other states, the best thing you can do is tell people about the book and the program! Send them to so they can start their free 30-Day Challenge. The more people we have in an area wanting a book signing the more possible it is!

Thank you for your question! We'll see you on Breaking News Monday!

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