Friday, October 28, 2011

Q&A Friday 10-28-11

Happy Friday! Our new Q&A video is coming to you from Disneyland! So enjoy and go to our saveyourmarriagein30 YouTube Channel to catch up on our other Q&A videos!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Challenge Wednesday - 10/26/11

Today we're going to focus on Day 6 of the 30-Day Challenge! You can find the video and the rest of the videos for the challenge at

Day 6: Tell a friend what's right with your marriage

There is nothing that can help your relationship like staying positive. Pick a friend that you completely trust and get together. Go to lunch, get a coffee, or take a drive and talk about your marriage. The only rule is you can only talk about the good stuff! If you start to stray into negative territory it's your friend's job to pull you back. This will remind you of all the great things in your relationship. Good luck!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Breaking News Monday - 10/24/11

It's time for Breaking News Monday! There are not a lot of new updates this week because we were on vacation last week. Here are a few reminders. Watch for some great Breaking News next time because we are back in the offices and working hard!

1. Book Release - Janeen's book "Save Your Marriage in 30" is almost ready to make its debut! We are meeting with some exciting venues this week to bring you an awesome book release/signing party! We'll let you know as soon as all of the details are worked out.

2. Stay Connected - Remember to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe to this blog. To find our pages look to the right on this page in the box that says "SYMin30 Links". That's the best way to stay on top of announcements, deals, and giveaways!

3. We Are Listening - We want to hear from you! Please always feel free to go to our website and email us any questions or comments. We want to know how your 30-Day Challenge is going!

Alright everyone, have a wonderful Monday and we'll see you on Challenge Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Challenge Wednesday - 10/19/11

Welcome to Challenge Wednesday! We're going to focus on Day 2 of the 30-Day Challenge. You can find the video at as well as the rest of the videos for the challenge.

Day 2: List all positives in your marriage

Sit down and think of all the positives in your marriage and write them out. You can't just think about them, you actually have to write them down. Sometimes we're so focused on the bad things we forget about all of the good in our relationships. Making this list will help you appreciate your marriage again and put you in a better mood. It's all about staying positive!

A quick note: It's called the 30-Day Challenge, but it may take longer. Some of the tasks are very difficult and you may end up spending a few days on just one. Make it work for you! Take the time that you need to really work hard and give your marriage a chance.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Breaking News Monday - 10/17/11

Welcome to our first Breaking News Monday! Every Monday we will provide you with breaking news from the offices of Save Your Marriage in 30. It will keep you up to date on any new announcements, projects, promotions, etc.

1. Book Release - Janeen's book "Save Your Marriage in 30" will be available to you within the next month! We will have a book release/signing party that everyone is invited to, so watch for our party announcement!

2. $59 Promotion - We are still running our $59 + no shipping promotion on the 5-CD Set! Just visit to take advantage of this deal! Remember, even if you're not going through a divorce there is a lot of helpful information for improving your relationship.

3. Seminars - Last weekend we spent some time scouting out great locations for our upcoming seminars. These seminars will be on a variety of topics, such as improving your relationship, saving your marriage, life after divorce, etc. Keep checking back for exciting announcements when we get the seminars rolling soon!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Hey everyone! We have decided the blog needs a little more organization, so we're going to launch a new format! From now on the posts will go as follows:

Every Monday: Breaking News Monday
            -This will include any new announcements from SYMin30 so you can stay up to date!
Every Wednesday: Challenge Wednesday
            -We will focus on one part of the 30-Day Challenge or other programs that are upcoming and discuss the importance and any additional tips.
Every Friday: Q&A Friday
            -We'll post our Q&A Video and answer other questions that we aren't able to get to during filming that week. Also, if we are unable to post a video we will still be able to answer all of your questions!

We appreciate all of the wonderful feedback and hope you are having a productive week! See you on Monday for Breaking News Monday! :)