Monday, October 17, 2011

Breaking News Monday - 10/17/11

Welcome to our first Breaking News Monday! Every Monday we will provide you with breaking news from the offices of Save Your Marriage in 30. It will keep you up to date on any new announcements, projects, promotions, etc.

1. Book Release - Janeen's book "Save Your Marriage in 30" will be available to you within the next month! We will have a book release/signing party that everyone is invited to, so watch for our party announcement!

2. $59 Promotion - We are still running our $59 + no shipping promotion on the 5-CD Set! Just visit to take advantage of this deal! Remember, even if you're not going through a divorce there is a lot of helpful information for improving your relationship.

3. Seminars - Last weekend we spent some time scouting out great locations for our upcoming seminars. These seminars will be on a variety of topics, such as improving your relationship, saving your marriage, life after divorce, etc. Keep checking back for exciting announcements when we get the seminars rolling soon!

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