Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Challenge Wednesday 12/21/11

Hey everybody! It's time for Challenge Wednesday! Today we're focusing on:

Day 5: Have a conversation with your spouse about your marriage

Sound too simple? You would be surprised how little your spouse may know about what's really bothering you. And there also may be some things you don't know that you need to change. You may think the problems should be obvious and maybe you and your spouse have discussed it a million times, but HOW did you say it?

Take a drive or sit down in a quiet place. STAY CALM. STAY FOCUSED. Without accusing each other, discuss what changes need to be made. Get it all out on the table. If you approach this conversation from a loving place, you may just get somewhere.

To start your 30-Day Challenge go to and click "Videos". You will also find a more detailed version in Janeen's new book "Save Your Marriage in 30"!

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