Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why is SYMIn30 unique?

Why should you take the time to look at what Save Your Marriage in 30 Days has to offer? Good question!

Janeen and Tia speak from experience. They are a mother and daughter who have been through divorces, marriages, step parents, happy times, sad times, downright horrible times... TOGETHER. They have had their relationship dwindle to next to nothing and come back with a vengeance, so now they are closer than ever and are able to openly talk about their experiences. They leave no rock unturned. Even though their journey may be somewhat different than yours, the fundamentals are the same.

You are getting multiple perspectives from Janeen and Tia. Janeen has been through more than one divorce, lived a determined single-parent life, and made difficult family decisions. Tia has grown up with more than one step-parent, moved repeatedly, been lost emotionally, and has a committed first marriage she will fight for.

Janeen and Tia have these things in common: they're ready to share, they want to help, and they're passionate about it.

That is why Save Your Marriage in 30 Days is unique.  Visit www.saveyourmarriagein30.com

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